Vote on Director of Church Music Ministries

May 18, 2015

This past Sunday evening at the regularly called Business Meeting we heard a recommendation from the Music Minister Search Committee. They brought their recommendation that Betty Nelson be hired as our Permanent Part-time Director of Church Music Ministries. Betty has been interim for about nine months now, and has organized all aspects of our music ministry. She has successfully led our choir in presenting Christmas and Easter music performances as well as many other special occasions, such as Mother’s Day just a week ago.

We discussed the process and voted Sunday evening that we will present her this coming Sunday morning, May 24th,  for a vote. She will be paid monthly according to the $17,000 annual amount already in the budget for 2015, beginning in June. The deacons heard a report from Finance chairman, Mitch Magee, stating that they have no objections to her being hired as this line is already in the budget. The vote requires 3/4ths of a quorum for passage. Please, come and vote your conviction on this important question at the conclusion of the morning worship service.

Prayer For The Martyrs

May 11, 2015

Sunday night of Memorial Day Weekend, May 24th at 6pm at the Pearl River County Fairgrounds the Body of Christ is invited to attend a special prayer service to lift up the families of those who have given their lives for the name of Jesus. We will also be taking an offering for the organization Voice of the Martyrs. This is not a political rally; it is not being organized by any denomination. We will not hear multiple sermons. We are calling on all believers to join us for a time of prayer for those facing persecution around the world. Some in our community have seen the news of Christians being killed simply because they are Christian and we wonder, “What can we do?” We wish to stand with them. We want to go on record asking our government to respond to these atrocities. We will give to support those who have come under attack because they are our brothers and sisters. Please, come and join with us as we pray.

Mother’s Day

May 4, 2015

Don’t miss our special Mother’s day celebration!

In addition to special music and tributes we will receive an offering for the Baptist Children’s Village. Please plan on being in your place and helping us as we honor this most important position of service. Where would we be without our mothers? Of course, not everyone has been blessed to have the best of moms, but we want to uphold a standard for the world of what Christian parenting should look like and the message of the day will include a challenge for us all to faithfully follow the Lord and to participate in nurturing and encouraging our children. There will be no PM service on May 10th. Enjoy time with your family!

Easter Report

April 6, 2015

What a wonderful Easter Celebration! Thanks to all who worked so hard to put it all together. Special thanks to our cooks who provided the breakfast following our early service. It was great, as usual. And how we appreciate the hard work of our wonderful choir in telling the Easter story through music. Fantastic job!

Hope you had a super time with your family. I know that we got together for a relaxed lunch and hid eggs for Campbell to find, took some pictures to mark the occasion, and even got in a Sunday afternoon nap! Awesome!

Easter Sunday

March 31, 2015

Join us for an early morning service outside the FLC beginning at 7am. Following this time of worship we will move inside for a wonderful breakfast and fellowship time. Sunday School will be at the usual time of 9:40 and the 11 am service will be our Easter Cantata. You won’t want to miss this beautiful service of praise to our risen Lord! There will be no PM service. Enjoy the time with your family!

Gideon Sunday

March 23, 2015

Thanks to Dub Herring for bringing one of the best Gideon testimonies I have ever heard. Dub did as expected. He is a powerful and self confident speaker that makes it easy to hear what he has to say. Some of the things he shared were similar to what we’ve heard before, but it was good to be reminded of the good work done by the Gideons. Then he showed a video that had us all sitting on the edge of our seats. you could have heard a pin drop during the pauses. There was not a dry eye in the room when Ron Archer finished sharing his story.

Nursing Home Ministry

March 12, 2015

Today our Senior Adults went to the nursing home, and then out to eat. I love the fellowship we share with these dear saints when we go to the Pearl River Nursing Home in Poplarville. We have our own members who have passed through the stages of being on their own and independent, being cared for by family in their own homes, and are now part of our folks at this facility. Of course, over the years we have many who worship with us who feel like our extended family whenever we go there. Anyone is welcome, and we try to share the Gospel each time we lead in singing the old songs of the faith. That’s not real hard to do since so many of these hymns are filled with great theology. In fact, I think that the songs you regularly sing during church are an important part of what you teach. We sing the words because we believe them. We value the familiar songs because they communicate deeply held truths. We evaluate new songs, not by the tune, or singability, but for the message contained therein.
It is always a thrill, if somewhat of a mystery, to see some who I know can’t tell you what they had for breakfast singing along and knowing every word to multiple verses of many of these old hymns. While we were there this morning one of my choir members was there visiting her mom. I mentioned that she was singing right along with us, and this came as no surprise. It seems that for many of this generation these songs are so well engrained in their subconscious that they are present and a comfort to them when any rational thought is long since forgotten. That is a miracle of mercy and grace. It also reminds me that we need to keep the tradition of singing praise to God alive in our churches, not only for the witness, but for our encouragement.
I told the folks who came this morning how we at First Baptist have been focused on telling our own unique story. Every believer has a story to tell. If we only knew the beauty and depth of the many stories that were there this morning! Each believer in that room had something that might impact someone. Of course, we all share some common elements. At some point we see ourselves as a sinner in need of a savior. The Good News finally becomes personal and we accept the love of God. We take Him at His word and trust Christ to be our savior.
Wouldn’t it be awesome to know more of those details? How did they come to the point of seeing that what Jesus did on the cross was somehow for them? When did it happen for them? What people led them to trust Christ? How did the Lord help them along their faith journey?
We all have something to add to the Grand Story. I am exploring how it is possible to make a video recording of people telling their own version of the Greatest Story Ever Told. I hope to learn how to include some of these dear saints in that project before their voices are silenced.


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