Real Encounter Update

November 7, 2012

The Real Encounter Revival included two nights at the Fairgrounds and our block party that we traditionally hold on the front lawn to coincide with the merchant’s trick-or-treat event. Then we determined, somewhat last minute, to move the Thursday night at the fairgrounds to Main Street Poplarville in front of the Courthouse. This year we also boldly determined to get our team into the schools for assemblies. We had never tried anything of that magnitude, and I must say that given the logistical nightmare, it turned out better than we could have imagined.

The team arrived Monday night and hit the ground running on Tuesday with four assemblies in Hancock County. At the Tuesday evening Harvest night at the High School parking lot aproximately 600-800 people braved the cold and came out for the big show. They heard Brad’s testimony and 88 people responded to the invitation. Special thanks to Harry Davis and the good folks at Crane Creek who had the vision to add that event to our schedule. Even though their church is 25 miles from the school, they cared about the church with the capital “C” and I applaud their Kingdom vision. Thanks for caring for the lost and unchurched in Hancock County. Not only that, but thanks for providing the lights for our event!

Our Block Party was awesome with nearly a thousand folks enjoying the activities before heading off to do their trick-or-treat thing. We got tons of contacts that we will begin to follow up, and we tried to share the Gospel with the kids one- on- one while they worked on sand art projects, and just through friendship evangelism as we gave out free hot dogs, popcorn, and drinks. All the fun stuff was free to the public and the team did another brief teaser show and invited everybody back for the evangelistic service on Thursday.

Wednesday morning in Carrier we had four assemblies at PRC and the faculty and administration were great. The students seemed to really respond to the positive message and were invited to the Thursday show in Poplarville. On Thursday morning the team made an unscheduled meeting with the JAM (Jesus and Me) school Christian Club at PRC before heading to Poplarville Middle School. While the PMS show was going on I was told that there was an event planned for the football team that conflicted with our event that night. Because Poplarville made it to the playoffs the booster club planned a bon fire for the team, cheerleaders, dance team, and band, plus all their parents. Check out my article “IF My People” at Talking with Tommy to read how God turned a negative into a positive!

All toll, we figure that the team performed for over 5,000 folks in thirteen shows, and over 150 people responded to the invitations. Conservative estimates were between 1,000- 1500 at the event Thursday night! Sunday morning a 16 year old and his mom that I had never met came to my office trying to find out how the son could get baptized!

Pray for us as we work hard to follow up on all the decisions and contacts for our church. Special thanks to Chief Fazan for allowing us to close the street twice! Also, much appreciation to the school faculties and administrations who trusted us to ride motor cycles and bikes on their gym floors! And coach Teal for going “above and beyond” to help our event be succesful. Glory to God for the wonderful answers to prayer!


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